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Grow Your Social ROI

In the last decade, the rise of social media has become a landscape filled with ongoing opportunities, empowering brands to reach and understand their customer base. As the saying goes, customers are always right so the best method to pay close attention to what they are saying about you all over social media platforms is by utilising proper social listening tools. As the leading social media listening services company in Kuala Lumpur, we understand the importance of what your customer and prospective customers think about your business, products/services, content, support, etc.

The Futuristic Group has extensive experience monitoring brands’ social media profiles on customer feedback, direct mentions, and other keyword-related conversations, topics, competitors, or industries. Data-driven, we then analyse resulting conclusions to help you determine the best way to improve your social media strategy, brand awareness and social influence.

We will continue to help you better understand your target audience and provide first-hand market intelligence by producing direct dialogue activities and using social media as a creative outlet to communicate your brand message to the masses. However, it all starts with listening, and luckily, our global influence allows us to track the digital ecosystem any time, anywhere.

Design Your Brand Identity

Leverage On Competition

The Futuristic Group will help you understand what people are saying about you and what customers are saying about your competitors — providing you insightful market information. You will receive real-time updates on competitor developments and opportunities to create a new marketing strategy. Social media listening enables you to identify new potentials or threats as they arise, allowing you to prepare and respond promptly for an untarnished reputation.

Identify Brand Advocaters And Influencers

The Futuristic Group will help you figure out all the information shared regarding your brand products or services. From there, we will provide you methods on how to naturally spread positive any foreseeable news of your brand, a strategic approach to spot potential influencer relationships. For example, by identifying your brand's biggest supporters, you can reward them in various ways to carry on spreading the word about your company.

Identify Your Tribe

With social listening, our clients will have more clarity and surety on where the best opportunities lie to focus their marketing efforts and resources. Clients will know where their products or services are most debated and communicate on suitable social media platforms. With you under our wing, the best social media company in Malaysia can take your brand to where it needs to be, tastefully enchant the audience, extend your online presence to the right market and levelling up your brand to new heights.





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