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Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a method that could improve the quality and quantity coming into your website from search engines such as Google. It could increase brand awareness, track local customers, and build credibility and trust – that is where The Futuristic Group’s specialisation lies.

Being the best SEO service company in Malaysia, we have commendable experience and expertise in making your website Google-friendly, capturing traffic that converts. Our SEO consultant specialises in keyword research, on and off-page optimisation, link building, Google Analytics tracking, etc. Simply put, we turn the technicalities into real tangible results, measuring our performance by the metrics that matter, the growth and success of your business.


Google search engine optimisation services in Malaysia

Today, many opt for an aesthetically-pleasing interface, but truth be told, that does not guarantee traffic to your website. Your organic traffic will soon increase when your website is designed with excellent structure, filled with engaging content and a phenomenal user experience. A professionally designed website will help rank you well on Google, gaining the opportunity to grow your business.

As one of Malaysia’s top SEO service companies, our expertise will boost your website’s organic ranking before moving it up the ladder of the top Google Search Engine results pages.

So don’t miss out; it’s never too late to let our SEO consultants and specialists optimise your website. Elevate your business to the next level today!

How It's Done

Our SEO Process:

best seo marketing strategy in malaysia


Our experts will conduct a thorough and comprehensive audit and analysis of your website, identifying areas of improvement to rank better on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP).


Instead of researching aimlessly, our competitor analysis can tell you certain things with a high degree of accuracy, including what’s effective for your competitors and use that tactic for yourself. We identify your top competitors, keyword and link gap, content analysis, among other challenges.


Determine popular keywords and phrases while considering their search intent and difficulty that we can implement and optimise in your website content.


On-page optimisation involves optimising the meta titles, descriptions, URLs and content of every page in your website.


Off-page optimisation aims to increase your popularity, relevance, trustworthiness, and authority involving reputable websites vouching for your websites through backlinks, social media marketing, guest blogging, and much more.


Once all the optimisation techniques are implemented, our SEO specialists will review and analyse the performance of your website. Then, if needed, they will further refine their strategies to improve your website’s performance.

Powered by data, fueled by progress; we're an agency transforming Malaysian & Singaporean businesses, large and small, with guaranteed performance.

The Futuristic Group will align your website with best SEO practices around visibility, discoverability, authority, and audience appeal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is what drives traffic to your website by the use of keywords and phrases. SEO allows sites to rank on the Google Search Engine Results Page.

In today’s digital world, marketing efforts such as leveraging on Google search and social media platforms are favourable for the majority of brands. With search engines being the popular method for consumers seeking answers or information, brand owners or businesses should start tapping on this opportunity. On the off chance that you haven’t begun executing SEO, it is possible your competitors are way ahead of you.

Did you know a staggering 87% of Malaysians are on the internet every day in which case 28.7 million are local internet users? On top of that, an average of 6.6 hours per day is spent online, whereby, 85.5% of internet users in the country search for products and services online. The top 10 search results capture more than 80% of total search traffic which is why as a business owner, you should leverage SEO.

SEO is not a quick fix and can take four to six months before you start seeing results. It uses time, trial and error for it to be successful. With SEO implementation, it should be a part of your long-term and ongoing strategy in order to stay afloat for unlimited time. Once you stop your SEO, your overall ranking will go down.

As a brand owner, you would only want high-quality work on your website and this depends on who you’re engaging the services with.

With local or international freelancers, chances are it will be difficult to attain and monitor progress updates. Keeping track of their technical changes on your website, link building techniques, or content published will be a hassle. At all costs, you would want to lower the risk of your website being optimised in the wrong direction due to its minimum level of transparency.

If you engage with SEO consultants or agency services in Malaysia, you will be trusting a team of the best SEO specialists with extensive experience. However, it’s important to note:

  • Do they fully comprehend your business goals?
  • Can they ensure a certain level of transparency, especially where you can check the progress and work is done properly?
  • Can they provide a solid estimated timeline for all deliverables?

The task of undertaking SEO is subjective. Sometimes with advanced software and copywriting knowledge, it can be easier for some and difficult for others. It requires a long period of time researching and understanding its mechanics, the ever-evolving algorithm and SEO trends that will continue to change in the future. After all, search engines, like Google, determine the rules for this platform.

If you are doing it yourself, chances are, if you are a newbie, you may miss out on major details and implementation which will eventually affect the website’s ranking in the long term. Having an experienced digital marketing team minimises the risk of wrongful SEO execution which may result in detrimental effects to your website.


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