Google Shopping Ads


Leveraging on Google Shopping Ads or Shopping Campaigns when running e-commerce or a physical store can effectively promote your inventory to potential buyers. Shopping Ads will allow you to showcase your products and capture the attention of potential buyers, unlike traditional text ads.

At The Futuristic Group, our digital marketing specialists are fully equipped to assist you in creating captivating ads that present your products to prospective customers, in return, directing traffic to your online or physical store.

Why Business Owners Need Shopping Ads?

woman making purchases after seeing it on google shopping ads

#1 - Quality Leads

With Shopping Ads, potential customers can obtain detailed information about your product, keeping them informed and higher chances to complete transactions.

#2 - Effective Reporting & Data Analysis

You can monitor and compare your products' performance and competitors.

#3 - Retail-centric Campaign

In contrast to other advertising approaches that match keywords to queries, Shopping Ads match the qualities of the products you advertise with the search queries.

#4 - Wide-ranging Presence

Your ad can be displayed in both Shopping Ads and text ads formats simultaneously, increasing your chances of getting noticed by prospective buyers.

Types of Google Shopping Ads

Product Shopping Ads

Showcasing individual products in the largest Display Network

Local Inventory Ads

Target local audiences and drive greater traffic to your local online or physical store

Showcase Shopping Ads

Sellers can add information about several related products and group it in themes or categories for shoppers


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