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Generate ROI With Qualified Google Adwords Service Provider In Malaysia

Steer Your Traffic Towards Leads Conversion

Under the big branch of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is Google Ads, formerly known as Google Adwords, an online Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising method that allows you to effectively and directly reach out to your potential customers, in return, grow brand awareness for your business exponentially.

Certified by Google, The Futuristic Group is one of the top Pay Per Click (PPC) Digital Marketing Agencies in Malaysia, with a skilled and meticulous team in devising an effective SEM campaign tailored to your every need.


Back in the day, traditional advertising methods does not allow you to select your target audience. But thanks to modern technology, when you advertise on Google Ads, you can precisely target hundreds if not thousands of internet users interested in your products or services.

Moreover, you can even connect and convert billions of users worldwide by emerging your unique products or services from various Google properties, including Google Search Engine, Maps, Assistant, and Gmail. As well as YouTube, Chrome browser, Android, among others.

And here’s a secret – it's FREE ADVERTISING if there are no responses to your advertisement because you won’t be charged!

Quantifiable Campaign Data

The performance of your Google Ads will be measured and analysed based on accurate data and statistics.

Latest Market Insights & Demands

Stay ahead of your competitors by keeping up with the latest market trends and search demands.

Quality Leads, Instant Results

Google Ads will place your domain at the top of search results pages, increasing chances of old/new users to your page.

Other Google Advertising METHODS FOR YOU

Google Display Network
GDN for short, this advertising method matches your campaigns to potential customers who have long been searching for your desired products. GDN ads will appear on various pages they are browsing outside Google’s search engine sphere, including YouTube, Gmail, and millions of other Google web display partners.

Leverage the second most visited platform after Google by having your advertisement on YouTube! Whether a video or still image, YouTube Ads can help you reach out to a broad and targeted audience.

Shopping Ads
Every retailer’s dream comes true, Shopping Campaigns or shopping ads provide a platform to promote their online or local store. Plus, your advertisements can be more than plain text; you can also display your products, price, etc to potential buyers!


As a Google Premier Partner, The Futuristic Group is armed with expert knowledge in driving quality and quantitative traffic in a financially rewarding way — leads for your business! The following steps below will is how we carry out our digital campaigns.

1. Pre-Sales Audit

Conduct thorough research by analysing client’s business comprising Business Model, Unique Selling Points, Competitors, Goals, etc.

2. Comprehensive Consultation

Taking into account and fully understanding the client’s marketing objectives, KPI, cost per lead expectations, and desired number of impressions or clicks.

3. Strategic & Media Planning

Device plan of action on the ruling budget based on client’s marketing objectives before providing sustainable impressions, clicks, leads and forecast.

4. Project Briefing & Optimise Campaign

Prepare a detailed checklist for a smooth-sailing project briefing to the performance marketing team. Create and run new campaigns based on Google’s best practices.

5. Reporting & Performance Review

Monthly reports are distributed to clients, keeping them informed alongside full transparency on the campaign performance and progress.

6. Improve Campaign Strategies

If needed, optimise campaign performance based on data and measured results, adjusting strategies accordingly based on the client’s demand.


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